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How does it work?

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  • We ask you to enter the information about your curriculum vitae

  • The more detailed you are, the more meaningful your resume will be

  • Participate in the video interview and get your BIG 5 analysis

  • You can generate the resume as PDF and download it for free

Complete a video interview

  • You need access to a camera and a quiet place with good light

  • You will be asked to answer 5 questions and you will have one minute per question.

  • You can repeat each question as many times as you like

The Questions are:

  • Please introduce yourself briefly, tell us who you are and what you are really good at?
  • Why are you looking for a new professional challenge and what values are important to you?
  • What can your new employer expect from you (soft skills) and what experience do you bring with you (hard skills)?
  • What are your next professional goals and how do you want to develop yourself in the future?
  • What goals have you achieved in your career so far and what successes are you particularly proud of?

Get your BIG 5 Personality Analysis

If you do the personality analysis you'll get a compelling CV with a last page containing the BIG 5 personality analysis and a personal QR Code. The employer is able to access your online profile and video Interviews and thus gets to know you faster and better. As such the employer saves time for the first screening and can make better decisions.

Discover your personality and find the right company fit

  • openness

    Down-to-earth, Objective

  • conscientiousness

    Easy-going, Carefree

  • extraversion

    Discreet, Calm

  • agreeableness

    Affable, Compatible

  • neuroticism

    Resilient, Stress-resistant

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  • “The BIG 5 Analysis gave us very valuable insights about the applicant and helped us for a faster and a more sustainable decision.”

  • “The Applicants Video Interview enabled us to skip the first interview round and directly invite the best two candidates.”

  • “We loved the clear CV and especially the QR-Code leading to the applicant’s digital profile, providing BIG 5 Analysis and Video.”

How the video assessment works

Video-based behavioural assessment powered by AI detects facial expression, language, gesture and voice to create your BIG 5 Personality trait profile.

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What is BIG 5?

The BIG 5 Personality traits are the most accepted and commonly used model of personality analysis in academic psychology.

This was done with subjects from all over the world, and the result is that while there is an unlimited number of personality variables, five of them stand out that explain a large part of a personality. The BIG 5 are also known as the OCEAN model. These are the following traits:

  • openness
  • conscientiousness
  • extraversion
  • agreeableness
  • neuroticism

The BIG 5 Personality Analysis is not associated with a specific test, but a variety of measurement methods have been developed to measure the relevant attributes. The BIG 5 personality analysis is also known as the OCEAN model.

Build your BIG 5 Analysis

What candidates are saying?

  • “My BIG 5 Analysis opened my mind, helped me to reflect on my personality and to find the job perfectly tailored to me.”

  • “Through the opportunity to train interviews online, I got much more confident for Interviews and was well prepared for tough questions.”

  • “It was a great experience to get a compelling CV in 20 minutes and to enrich with BIG 5 Analysis and QR-Code leading to my profile.”

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Upcoming Features

With the help of AI, user profiles will be matched to the open position available, with the aim to find suitable working places easier and faster.


Prefered conscientiousness


Frequently asked questions

What is a BIG 5 Analysis?

The BIG 5 personality test gives you greater insight into your own behavior in various situations. Knowing this can help you in your personal development as well as in your career choice. Human resource managers often use the BIG 5 personality dimensions to hire employees. The reason for this is that these dimensions are seen as the deeper characteristics that make up a person's overall personality. The BIG 5 are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

How to interpret my BIG 5 Analysis?

Using the results of the BIG 5 personality test to find out if your behavior aligns with a company culture is useful, but there is another advantage. Employers can also understand how to build their workplace culture and integrate you more successfully into the team moving forward.

Given that the most successful companies nurture different personality types in line with their company culture, they must understand more about the candidates’ personalities. This is one reason why the BIG 5 personality tests are so important to the HR Manager.

There are no "good" and "bad" results. HR managers will never judge the results. The only important thing is that you are able to stand behind your evaluation and identify with it.

Once you have the results of the BIG 5 personality test, you can then use them as a basis to build training opportunities and programs to drive workplace exellence and service quality. This is what we will be providing as upcoming feature.

What does the QR-Code show?

The QR code leads to your personal profile on which the employer can see your video interview, as well as your BIG 5 personality analysis.

Can I do the BIG 5 Analysis more than once?

You can do the BIG 5 analysis as many times as you want. If you want to replace an analysis with a new one, we will ask you. We will present both analyses for you to compare, such that you can decide more easily.

Where is my Data stored?

Your data is stored on secure server farms in Europe. You can read more about the handling of your data in our Privacy Policy.

Why is my Image on the CV different?

For images with higher resolution, the optimal and automated downscaling is currently not always supported. Currently in order to solve this issue you can make your image smaller beforehand, i.e. diminish the resolution before the import. In parallel we are working on solving this issue.

Why does the PDF Resume break the General Information?

If may happen that the PDF converter may split the "General Information" chapter into two pages. It may help to filling out the resume completely and describing the "Biography" in detail. We are working on resolving the issue and would appreciate if you inform us if this happens to you.


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