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Koch (d/w/m) 100%

8005 Zürich


Created: 2024-05-02 09:13:40

Updated: 2024-05-02 09:13:40


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Are you ready to apply?

Please make sure you are well prepared and have thought of following points.

  • CV

    The more complete your CV the higher the chances for you.

  • BIG 5 analysis and interviews

    Your BIG 5 analysis will help you to stand out and the answers to the interview questions will give your employer a first chance to get to know you.

  • Motivation letter

    Please read the job description carefully and check the employer's website if available and write a dedicated motivation letter based on the information available. And have it available for upload.

    And by the way we are planning to include content for motivational letter in a future release.

This job does not have a dedicated email. Please apply directly.

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