Our story

We connect the community in the hospitality, helping the industry to use the advantages of digitization and give employees a new perspective.

Employee behavior is critical to success. Behavior is determined by values. Appreci8 promotes appreciation and thus successful gastronomy experiences for guests.

Great customer experience is driven by great service quality which is influenced by the working place. The behaviour of the staff is crucial for great service quality. Restaurants have difficulties finding staff, staff turnover is high, and their recruiting and training budgets are very limited. Staff on the other hand have difficulties finding a working place they really like and can excel in. They also have limited access to valuable training to develop themselves further. Usually, their training is limited to on-the-job training.

We want to help both the staff and the restaurant, each from their perspective, to achieve their goals easier, faster and better. For the staff we want to help them to find suitable jobs easier based on their preferences and personality and at same time help them to develop themselves further. For the restaurant we want to help them to find suitable staff (culture fit) easier, by recommending select staff which fit their culture and this at an attractive cost. We also want to help restaurants to provide their staff with cost-effective on-line based trainings focused on soft skills and behavioral development which are the main drivers for service quality.

Our values

We are delighted building up a sustainable, transparent company with culture diversity, fostering an atmosphere of community and inclusion.

We love to bring highly qualitative solutions to market which meet the needs of tomorrow and give concrete value to all stakeholders.

We believe in challenging the status quo, thriving on appreciation, helping to make a more respectful world.

We respect each other’s differences and use these differences for driving us forward, learning constantly and improving our solutions and our self steadily.

We advance with mindful steps, always focusing on the careful handling of our environment and our fellow human beings.

Our Philosophy

Connection & Community. We want to make the hospitality community shine - for all stakeholders involved: guests, staff and businesses. We believe appreciation is essential for this. For all connections and in any direction. With Appreci8 we want to help to drive meaningful connections to all stakeholders involved leading to vibrant communities, delighted guest experiences, driven by engaged staff resulting in prosperous businesses. Our Vision is to be the most appreciated hospitality platform.

Behaviour & Appreciation. The behaviour of the staff is crucial for delighted customer experience and for the sustainable success of the business. Behaviour is driven by values and fostered by appreciation. Appreci8 empowers matching between the business culture and staff’s purpose and values. Appreci8 provides talent analysis, scouting, recruiting and development leading to thriving hospitality businesses and communities. Appreciation being an essential virtue and a fundamental need for everyone plays an essential role in the hospitality community.

Services & Solutions. We love to supply services and solutions to help staff in finding working places where they can excel. We focus on culture-fit-matching based on personal preferences and business insights. As a result we enable businesses to find suitable staff with less effort and better outcome. We also help the development of the staff by offering on-line behavioural training to develop themselves further helping them to make more impact, thus giving them more joy and at the same time reducing employee turnover.

Contact us

Silverbush AG

Rotfluhstrasse 91, 8702 Zollikon, Switzerland

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